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25 July 2014
Metropolitan Opera reviews
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La Cenerentola

Metropolitan Opera

A winning ensemble of music and comedy
18 May 14 / CNY Café Momus
Colourful and amusing Cenerentola from the Met
16 May 14 / Seen and Heard
Juan Diego Florez's star power on display in Rossini's charming comedy
7 May 14 / Latinos Post
Joyce DiDonato, Javier Camarena and superstar cast deliver magical performance of Rossini's Cinderella story
23 Apr 14 / Latinos Post
Camarena subs magnificently for Florez in the Met’s “Cenerentola”
23 Apr 14 / The Classical Review
Joyce DiDonato sings with casual brilliance in the Met’s hyperactive Rossini production
23 Apr 14 / Financial Times
The Met serves up a delectable ‘La Cenerentola’
23 Apr 14 / New York Observer
Cinderella and her Prince, with palpable longing
23 Apr 14 / New York Times
DiDonato and Camarena are a fairy-tale couple in Rossini's "La Cenerentola"
23 Apr 14 / The Huffington Post

Madama Butterfly

Metropolitan Opera

Fascinante Butterfly au Met
8 May 14 / ResMusica
Kristine Opolais' Butterfly spreads its glorious wings at the Met
22 Apr 14 / Broadway World
At last–a glorious Butterfly at the Met
14 Apr 14 / Classics Today
Kristine Opolais is Met’s Best Cio-Cio-San Since Diana Soviero
9 Apr 14 / New York Observer
Full-throttle emotions and blind faith
7 Apr 14 / New York Times
Kristine Opolais' genius brings Puccini's glorious masterwork to a new level
6 Apr 14 / Latinos Post
Soprano rises above misguided staging in Met’s “Butterfly”
6 Apr 14 / The Classical Review
Un debut afortunado
18 Feb 14 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
A mixed revival of Butterfly
27 Jan 14 / ConcertoNet (English)
A Met debut as that besotted geisha, adamant that he will be true
18 Jan 14 / New York Times
With soprano’s strong debut, Met’s “Butterfly” takes wing
18 Jan 14 / The Classical Review

Così fan tutte

Metropolitan Opera

Levine shows that he’s back in form
6 May 14 / The Opera Critic
The Met’s ‘Cosi fan tutte’ offers pleasures — and problems
5 May 14 / CNY Café Momus
Marvelous cast & conductor deliver complex comedy in Mozart's timeless masterwork
3 May 14 / Latinos Post
Miraculous pacing in Levine’s Cosi fan tutte
28 Apr 14 / Seen and Heard
Hail to the chief! James Levine leads Cosi fan tutte in return to the Met
27 Sep 13 / Broadway World
Levine returns to the Met with a well sung, lightweight “Così” that misses the dark side
27 Sep 13 / The Classical Review
Levine returns with gusto to Met “Cosi”
26 Sep 13 / Washington Post
James Levine’s return to the pit was rapturously received, although his is not a purist’s Mozart
26 Sep 13 / Financial Times
James Levine’s back in the Met pit for ‘Cosi’
26 Sep 13 / New York Post
‘twas ever “thus”
26 Sep 13 / parterre box
James Levine returns to the Metropolitan Opera podium
26 Sep 13 / Los Angeles Times
Levine returns in triumph in Cosi Fan Tutte
26 Sep 13 / The Huffington Post
Levine is impressive in return to Met with ‘Così Fan Tutte’
26 Sep 13 / New York Times

I Puritani

Metropolitan Opera

I Puritani, vous en avez rêvé, le Met l'a fait
6 May 14 / ResMusica
Why folks go mad over ‘I Puritani’
5 May 14 / The Examiner

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La Cenerentola
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Photo: Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera
I Puritani
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Photo: Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera
(photo: Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera)
Photo: Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera
Andrea Chenier
(photo: Marty Sohl / Metropolitan Opera)

Articles about Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera leader warns of lockout

Peter Gelb set a likely date of Aug. 1 in letter to union employees.
24 Jul 2014 / Wall Street Journal

Protesters picket Met Opera, claim anti-semitism

Roughly a dozen people picketed outside the Metropolitan Opera Monday night, angry with an upcoming production they say is anti-Semitic.
23 Jul 2014 / NY1

Profits decline for Metropolitan Opera broadcasts

The notes are pitch perfect, but the profits are flat.
22 Jul 2014 / New York Post

Metropolitan Opera unions say they are being forced to strike

Deep salary cut demands and a company threat to close down at least temporarily, are combining to force members of the 16 unions at New York City's Metropolitan Opera to plan to strike, if necessary.
20 Jul 2014 / People's World

How unions might kill the Metropolitan Opera

The fat lady will sing — but only in strict keeping with the work rules set out by the American Guild of Musical Artists.
15 Jul 2014 / New York Post
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