The Royal Opera - Robert le Diable Reviews
11 July 2020
Bryan Hymel (Robert)
Marina Poplavskaya (Alice)
General scene
John Relyea (Bertram)
Bryan Hymel (Robert)

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Robert le Diable

The Royal Opera

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Un trop plaisant divertissement, bien réglé mais superficiel
24 Dec 12 / Diapason
Hymel is devilishly good in lead role in Meyerbeer’s Robert
24 Dec 12 / Seen and Heard
Laurent Pelly's production of Meyerbeer’s forgotten opera, Robert le diable, is typically facile
21 Dec 12 / Telegraph
The only thing that rescues the audience from four hours of absurdity is the expert singing
20 Dec 12 / Musical Criticism
Un spectacle d’enfer
19 Dec 12 / ConcertoNet (French)
« Voici donc les débris du monastère antique… »
15 Dec 12 / Avant-Scène Opéra
Cadences infernales
14 Dec 12 / Forum Opéra
Covent Garden stages Meyerbeer’s grandiose ‘Robert le Diable’ for first time in 120 years
14 Dec 12 / Washington Post
Devilishly silly fun
14 Dec 12 / Wall Street Journal
Even dancing zombie nuns can’t revive Meyerbeer's forgotten opera
13 Dec 12 / Telegraph
Ciofi and Poplavskaya in particular are a real joy to listen to
11 Dec 12 / Express
Robert Le Diable is an overdue opera revival – but mainly one for buffs
11 Dec 12 / Metro
Why did the Royal Opera waste valuable time, energy and artistic resource on such a creaky relic?
10 Dec 12 / Financial Times (via Google)
The work is claptrap of no musical merit whatsoever
9 Dec 12 / Opera Britannia
Intriguing production of Meyerbeer rarity
9 Dec 12 / Music OMH
Fascinating and ridiculous and something one never need see again
9 Dec 12 / The Observer
Last-minute cast changes couldn't fix the problem at the heart of this production
9 Dec 12 / Independent on Sunday
A worthwhile outing but one you may not want to repeat
8 Dec 12 / What's on Stage
Patrizia saves Robert
8 Dec 12 / Bloomberg
Don’t miss Robert le diable; it may be another 122 years until it comes this way again
8 Dec 12 / Classical Source
A perverse production
8 Dec 12 / Independent
Meyerbeer rarity more than justifies its revival in Laurent Pelly's effective production
8 Dec 12 / The Arts Desk
It would all be so much better with a staging that treated the work with greater respect
8 Dec 12 / The Guardian
If the end result is less than convincing it is undeniably a collector’s item
8 Dec 12 / The Stage
The Royal Opera's revival of Meyerbeer’s Robert le Diable is let down by a hokum plot and a vapid score
8 Dec 12 / Telegraph
The 19th century's equivalent of Phantom of the Opera
It was once the biggest hit in town, but will Meyerbeer’s opera ‘Robert le Diable’ work for the Royal Opera, asks Rupert Christiansen.
Soprano beauty booted out of lead role at Covent Garden
Jennifer Rowley has been replaced by Italian soprano Patrizia Ciofi in the Royal Opera House production of Giacomo Meyerbeer's epic opera Robert le diable.
Meyerbeer’s Robert le diable keeps opera singers on call
Meyerbeer’s Robert le diable is an opera that very few singers will ever have performed, learnt or encountered.
The man who made Wagner mad
The Royal Opera House is staging Meyerbeer's Robert le Diable for the first time in a century. It's a welcome focus on a much maligned composer.
Production details
Hymel, Relyea, Borras, Courjal, Ciofi/Romina, Poplavskaya, Bemsch, Bijelic, Kim
(c) Oren (d) Pelly
Performance dates
6, 9(m), 12, 15, 18, 21 December 2012
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