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19 April 2021
Barry Banks (Duke of Mantua)
Quinn Kelsey (Rigoletto)
David Stout (Monterone), Chorus
Quinn Kelsey (Rigoletto), Anna Christy (Gilda)
Quinn Kelsey (Rigoletto), Anna Christy (Gilda)

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English National Opera

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Rigoletto para gentlemen
13 Mar 14 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
This is a must see for the singing if no other reason
12 Mar 14 / Musical Criticism
‘Rigoletto,’ uprooted and retold
20 Feb 14 / New York Times
A rather bland new Rigoletto
18 Feb 14 / The Opera Critic
A compelling critique of socio-sexual relations with resonances for the modern Bullingdon age
18 Feb 14 / Evening Standard
Christopher Alden’s production for ENO is powerful and hallucinatory
17 Feb 14 / Financial Times (via Google)
The highest accolades go to Quinn Kelsey who oozes presence as the torn and disturbed figure
17 Feb 14 / Music OMH
ENO launches a new Rigoletto
16 Feb 14 / Londonist
There is much to recommend ENO's new production of Rigoletto
16 Feb 14 / The Observer
Old sins, the saying goes, cast long shadows
15 Feb 14 / The Arts Desk
Musically this Rigoletto has a lot going for it
15 Feb 14 / Classical Source
This ENO staging starts enthrallingly but leaves us hopelessly lost
15 Feb 14 / Telegraph
This stylish production is certainly eye-catching and musically strong
15 Feb 14 / Opera Britannia
ENO's itch for newness may come at a price
15 Feb 14 / Independent
The Coliseum has a new court jester as Miller's Mafiosi make way for Christopher Alden's not-so-gentlemen's club
15 Feb 14 / What's on Stage
Quinn Kelsey offers a Rigoletto of star quality
15 Feb 14 / The Stage
Christopher Alden's production of Verdi's opera lacks dramatic and musical intensity
15 Feb 14 / The Guardian
English National Opera’s Rigoletto at the Coliseum is not Verdi good
15 Feb 14 / Metro
A two-star production of a five-star opera
15 Feb 14 / Express
'We owe it to Verdi not to keep Rigoletto cosy'
Christopher Alden talks about his new production for English National Opera.
Production details
Banks, Kelsey, Christy, Rose/Trevino, Gringytė, Montague, Stout, Humphreys, Gregory, Rea
(c) Jenkins (d) Alden
Performance dates
13, 15, 20, 22, 25 February, 1, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14 March 2014
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