Opera North - The Firework-Maker's Daughter Reviews
22 October 2017
Mary Bevan (Lila)
Wyn Pencarreg (Lalchand), James Laing (Hamlet), Mary Bevan (Lila), Amar Muchhala (Chulak), Andrew Slater (Rambashi)
Mary Bevan (Lila)
Mary Bevan (Lila)
Mary Bevan (Lila), Andrew Slater (Rambashi)

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The Firework-Maker's Daughter

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The Firework-Maker's Daughter is a smartly gift-wrapped musical entertainment
9 Apr 13 / Telegraph
There is a great deal of magic to behold
5 Apr 13 / Classical Source
The evening’s best features are visual
5 Apr 13 / The Stage
At last: a first-rank children's opera, all the better for its low-tech magic
5 Apr 13 / Telegraph
Cast and players created an enchanting atmosphere using old techniques to fresh effect
31 Mar 13 / The Observer
Add magnesium to strontium, and prepare yourself for fireworks
31 Mar 13 / Independent on Sunday
Bruce's vividly coloured chamber score skims the Pacific rim for influences
26 Mar 13 / The Guardian
Production details
Bevan, Laing, Muchhala, Pencarreg, Slater
(c) Paterson (d) Fulljames
Performance dates
23(m), 26, 30(m), 30 March, 3, 4(m), 6(m), 6, 9, 10(m), 10, 12, 13(m), 13 April, 17, 18(m), 18, 21, 22(m), 22, 24(m), 25, 28, 29(m), 29, 31 May, 1(m), 1 June 2013 (various locations)
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