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Samson et Dalila

The Royal Opera

No. of reviews: 17

Mejorando a Saint Saëns
22 Jun 22 / Mundo Clásico (Spanish)
You don’t often see a performance that is flawless, but this is just that
21 Jun 22 / The Jewish Chronicle
Royal Opera’s Samson et Dalila has left almost no lasting impression
16 Jun 22 / The Spectator
Richard Jones’ production fails to catch fire despite peerless principals
15 Jun 22 / OperaWire
Elīna Garanča è una delle interpreti di riferimento di oggi del ruolo di Dalila
10 Jun 22 / Connessi all'Opera
Strength comes in many forms in the Royal Opera’s revelatory new Samson et Dalila
5 Jun 22 / The Observer
There’s no soprano, the tenor doesn’t get the girl and there’s an awful lot of talk about God
5 Jun 22 / iNews
A biblical treachery at the opera
3 Jun 22 / Verve Times
Samson et Dalila is a production of two halves at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
2 Jun 22 / Opera Online (English)
Hair today, gone tomorrow – The Royal Opera’s triumphant new staging of Samson et Dalila is a knockout
2 Jun 22 / Music OMH
Jones’s staging is spectacular
1 Jun 22 / Church Times
This Samson is more street-fighter than spiritual leader
30 May 22 / Opera Today
Saint-Saëns’ opera has style and a new star in SeokJong Baek
28 May 22 / The Guardian
From austerity to excess, with visual rigour and aural beauty
28 May 22 / The Arts Desk
Meticulously choreographed production has many bewitching moments
28 May 22 / Independent
Elīna Garanča seduces in Richard Jones’s Poundland Samson et Dalila at Covent Garden
28 May 22 / Seen and Heard
Richard Jones’ tacky Samson et Dalila fails to bring down the house at Covent Garden
27 May 22 / Bachtrack
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